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Hockey Classic 16 app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9504 ratings )
Games Action Sports Sports
Developer: Distinctive Games
3.99 USD
Current version: 1.3.0, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 09 Mar 2016
App size: 377.34 Mb

EIGHTY teams, SEVEN amazing game modes, ONE all-star player - get your game on with Hockey Classic 16!

From the developers that brought you Hockey Nations, Patrick Kane’s Hockey Classic and Patrick Kane’s Arcade Hockey, experience the latest and greatest hockey game on mobile. Take your national team to the ice and win GOLD in Winter Games or face your biggest city rival in Face-Off, all the while enjoying incredible game day atmosphere and fluid controls.

Take a break from the Playoffs with our brand new game mode HOCKEY GIANTS! Now you can go crazy with this big bobble headed smash. With no rules and no clock, the first to score 5 takes the game making it a fun filled, fast paced hockey hit.

With seven action-packed game modes to choose from, pick your hockey team and smash the RIVALS SERIES, claim the PLAYOFFS cup or take intense competition to a new level with the OUTDOOR SERIES. Under cold blue skies, six teams will battle it out on lakes and stadiums to be crowned the Outdoor Series Champions.

Revel in fierce ice hockey rivalries with our exclusive LIVE GAMES. Hit the rink for a live, time limited game where you decide whether your team wins. Destroy your opposition and taunt their fans, or share your bragging rights on Facebook. Keep your eyes on the prize and check the status of the current event direct from your Apple Watch!

Play where the puck is going to be with innovative touch controls that deliver a smooth and authentic feel to taking shots, body checks and puck clearance. Control your team with ease in offence and defense using intuitive swipes on screen, feeling all the big hits, goals and more!

With stunning visual effects, your game will come to life as you immerse yourself in the exhilarating game-day atmosphere. Watch the crowd go wild in stunning arenas and relish incredible game play with loose puck pickup, goalie vision & positioning that deliver a fast paced and authentic ice hockey experience.

Pros and cons of Hockey Classic 16 app for iPhone and iPad

Hockey Classic 16 app good for

Takes a little getting used to, but its a damn good time killer. 9 hour wait to get into the doctors office? Launch this bad boy. Time gets melted.
This is a fun little game. It isnt perfect, I admit, but it is the best hockey game on the App Store. (I have tried almost all of them.) It has lots of options and is a good time waster. I am enjoying it would recommend it to hockey fans.
Ottimo gioco di Hockey, grafica stupenda, gioco molto scorrevole
Ive played lots of Hockey Games on the IOS, my favs being from this company, starting from Hockey Nations 2011. Playing hockey myself, I love realistic play, and this one got my attention a little bit more than the other hockey games made by Distinctive Games. Depending on what your looking for, the most solid rating I could give is an 8.5 or 9 out of 10
When I see the results of the other games, the winner always win by ONE goal. Please make it more realistic, because not very single game is won by one point. Game is pretty good though. Also it would be nice if there was a new mode. Like if we could play with one player, as in our career.

Some bad moments

This game has great potential,but its way to easy. I usually win 10-0 every game......
The trailer made this game look pretty good, but it is in fact not suitable for any hardcore hockey fan to play. Let me give some examples. 1. The most frequent penalty Ive seen after two hours of play is checking from behind and every time its a 4 minute double minor. 2. The skating is incredibly inconsistent and at times you shoot off like a rocket, but if you turn, its as if youve hit quicksand. 3. No matter what, theres always on man on the opposing team that sticks with you. You go left, he goes left, you go right, he goes right. The guy seems to have crazy speed and poke checking abilities. Now the game does do some things well such as being able to choose strategy types, various game modes and thats about it. These issues are fixable, but until then, NHL 2K will stick as my go to hockey game on iOS.
The game hasnt changed at all since 2010. Its not worth it at all. Dont buy it.
Players skate too fast and hard to control. Other than that I love it
I really enjoy this game cause I love hockey and video games. Matt Duchene your one of my favorite players
Too easy maybe. It would be much more fun if you could play other people. It is very easy to score, even shorthanded. I constantly got penalized for running into the other goalie on loose pucks. The game is decent. I just cant give a higher rating for a game that lacks a head to head online match option. It should be required for sports games these days.

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